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Roofing Solutions for Homeowners in Sylvania, OH

Every homeowner understands how important having a roof over their head is, and that’s never been more true than when your roof is damaged or in need of replacement. If you’re worried about the roof on your Sylvania, Ohio, home, the best thing you can do is turn to the most trusted local roofing team: Residential Renovations. We’ve been working with homeowners in the area for years, and our roofing expertise will ensure that you get the best solution possible for your home.

Roofing Solutions for Homeowners in Sylvania, OH

Roofing Expertise

When you work with Residential Renovations, we’ll start with a roof inspection completed by a qualified member of our team. Depending on the condition of your roof, we’ll offer one of several solutions, including:

Roof Repair

If your roof has suffered damage, a roof repair might be an affordable alternative to a roof replacement. If we find that your roof is a good candidate for repair, we’ll make sure that we get it as close as possible to its pre-damaged state.

Roof Replacement

If you need a new roof entirely, our roof replacement services are the best way to protect your home. We offer asphalt shingles, available in plenty of colors and styles, as well as ultra-durable metal roofing that can be relied on to last for several decades.

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Working with the best roofing team for your Sylvania, OH, home is easy—just reach out to Residential Renovations. Contact us today to find out more about any of our roofing services and products, and schedule a roof inspection at your home.

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