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Insulated Siding Contractors In Toledo

A lot goes into finding the perfect products for your home, especially when those home improvement solutions impact the exterior appearance of your residence. That being said, what should you look for in new siding? Should you prioritize aesthetics? Or, should durability and thermal performance reign supreme? Instead of weighing the individual qualities of the products, invest in siding that offers the best of all worlds—insulated vinyl siding. Unlike traditional siding replacements, insulated siding delivers exceptional resistance to heat transfer—boosting your home’s energy efficiency without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

Homeowners in Toledo, Ohio, can find premium insulated siding from the home improvement specialists at Residential Renovations. Here, our goal is to accommodate the needs of as many customers as we can, offering high-end, economical siding options that are sure to live up to your expectations.

insulated siding

What’s the Difference Between Insulated Vinyl Siding & Regular Vinyl Siding?

Crafted with rigid foam insulation, fused behind the panels, insulated siding (sometimes referred to as “thermal siding”) is designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency. By increasing the thermal performance of the panels, insulated siding can help reduce heat transfer—potentially decreasing your energy consumption.

We source our insulated vinyl siding from Prodigy®. This high-performance siding features unique insulation that is carefully fitted to the panels for enhanced strength and thermal performance in virtually any weather condition. Other perks of this insulated vinyl siding include:

  • Secure interlocking panels for a seamless, tight installation
  • Customizable panels that can mimic the look of natural wood
  • Lifetime transferable manufacturer’s warranty

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