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Pergolas are an amazing outdoor living upgrade and innovation when it comes to shade control and fully enjoying the outdoors on your patio or deck.

We are proud to offer durable pergolas in both operable and stationary options for homeowners crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, strong enough to last for decades, standing up to whatever nature throws its way. Plus, our pergolas feature a unique curved lattice roof that offers stronger protection from the sun than other pergolas with sleek columns, inspired by the architectural beauty of Italy.

Residential Renovations has expanded our free-standing pergola line from one and done outdoor living solutions to now offering attached pergolas and innovative operable pergola options as well.

Fully operable pergolas feature a roof that can open or close at the touch of a button. So, on days when you want to relax outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, you can utilize a slow-motion motor to adjust the rafters and allow the sunlight to filter through to you. Then, if the sunshine becomes too intense, or the rain decided to come down, you can close the rafters – turning your operable pergola into a solid-roof patio cover – as simple as that.

Pergolas Provide Long-Lasting Outdoor Living Features…

Operable Pergolas | Free Standing Pergolas | Stationary Pergolas | Attached Pergolas

Aluminum Pergola Rafters Toledo OH

Heavy Gauge
Extruded Aluminum

Operable or stationary pergola rafters are built to last and endure all types of weather conditions and feature larger spans to make clear unobstructed views while you are enjoying the outdoors on your deck.

Pergolas Built With Strength Toledo OH

Outdoor Living That
Stands Above the Rest

Our pergolas will stand strong for decades. Freestanding or attached pergolas feature sturdy columns designed with Italian architecture and a curved lattice roof to provide moderate sun protection.

Decorative Operable Pergolas Toledo OH


Traditional pergolas come equipped with fixed slatted roofs, our louvered pergolas offer automated movable roofs, allowing full control over the amount of sunlight or shade your patio or deck receives.

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