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Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass patio doors (often referred to as sliding patio doors, glass patio doors, exterior sliding doors, patio doors, and sometimes simply referred to as, “sliders”), are a unique element of a home’s décor. They provide an expansive view that extends the inside room to the feeling of being part of the outside.

Sliding patio doors are often used in the kitchen eating area to open up onto an outside deck or even a small yard. But they can also be used for virtually any room of a home from bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, and media rooms.

From the types, styles, materials, features, and insulating properties, the choices available today can be overwhelming. They are limited only by your imagination and your budget!

Traditional or contemporary design can match the style of your home. Color and style of door handle hardware can highlight the sliding door’s design and overall look. Additional features can be added to suit your taste and requirements.

One of the most important factors that’s of concern to most homeowners is energy efficiency and insulating value of the glass used in the door. There are different construction elements that can provide tremendous energy savings, complemented by the structure of the frame and sealing properties between the door frame and inserted glass. The right combination of factors can provide the greatest savings in heating and cooling bills brought on by the extreme temperature ranges of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

The experience, expertise and resources in the home improvement industry of Residential Renovations can save you not only time but money in selecting the best sliding patio door for your home.

Sliding glass patio door
DynaWeld Sliding Glass Patio Door by Polaris®

Sliding Vinyl Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors by Polaris®

The Benefits of Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl formulation retains its original smooth surface and color. Insulation is enhanced since vinyl does not transfer cold from the outside to the inside room. Energy efficient vinyl is not a thermal conductor.

 Low-E film fixed between glass panes reduces ultra-violet light damage and heat gain. Argon filling in both air spaces resists temperature. You’ll be happy to know that all products and components are put through rigorous testing to ensure high quality standards.

When measuring the rate of heat flow through a patio door; vinyl performs just as well, if not better than or aluminum or wood framing materials.

This ensures your patio door will be energy efficient and maintenance free for years to come.

Vinyl Sliding Doors By Polaris®

Polaris® patio doors are  energy efficient and maintenance free! But that’s not all!


  • Polaris® vinyl compound formulation retains its clean, original color and appearance for a lifetime.
  • Fusion welding at door panel corners transforms for vinyl extrusions into a strong, one-piece door.
  • Sloped, aluminum-reinforced sill guides rainwater outside and away.
  • Smooth gliding, solid steel zinc-plated tandem rollers.
  • Iridium coating on exposed parts protects against corrosion.
  • Fiberglass Sliding Screen
  • Extruded aluminum screen frames are used because they’re stronger than screen frames that are roll formed.

DynaWeld Collection


  • Fusion welded 4 3/4” frame and sash corners.
  • Left or right operable reversible door panel.
  • Aluminum rebar in interlock stiles and lock stile.
  • Stainless steel roller track.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and sash
    20 year warranty on glass.

Patio Doors For Energy Saving & Maintenance Free at an Economical Price

UltraWeld Model


  • Foot operated dead bolt provides an extra lock point for secure partial opening.
  • Fusion-welding at door panel corners transforms four vinyl extrusions into a strong, one-piece door.
  • Vinyl-Wrapped Threshold/Sill is more thermally efficient.
  • Safety Glass.
  • Mortised hook lock with double or triple hook option.
  • Smooth gliding, solid-steel, zinc-plated tandem rollers.
  • Iridium coating on exposed parts to protect against corrosion.

ThermaWeld Model


  • Fusion welded 4 ¾” frame & sash corners.
  • Aluminum rebar in interlock stiles and lock stile.
  • Stainless steel roller track
  • Additional lock point with kick lock for secure partial opening.
  • Door panels interlock & meet at main frame
    with weather-stripping.
  • 1″energySMART® Intercept® insulating glass

Sliding Patio Doors by Alside

Patio Doors For Your Home

Sliding Patio Doors With Style by Alside

Alside is a leading manufacturer in the home improvement industry. With over 3,000 employees in seven different manufacturing plants, Alside is a trusted supplier of fine-crafted patio doors for Residential Renovations.

They offer wide selection of glass doors, such as their Model 5100 Series. This sliding Patio Door provides an exceptional, energy-efficiency for today’s homes.

The 5100 Series is precision-engineered for maximum energy efficiency and will insulate and protect your home from the extreme weather environments of Ohio and Michigan.  Increased insulation will help reduce your homes heating and cooling energy costs.

This masterfully crafted patio door slides on dual adjustable steel wheels with steel ball bearings for smooth movement.

This patio door will not only will endure years of everyday wear and tear, but it will enhance the appearance of your home inside and out.


  • “State-of-the-art”, fusion-welded mainframes and sashes.
  • Weather stripping at door jambs, header and sill providing increased energy efficiency.
  • Metal reinforced vertical sash components for added improved structural strength.
  • Dual adjustable steel wheels with steel ball bearings for smooth sliding movement of panel doors.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum screen with four-point roller adjustment.
  • Brass interior handset adds elegance and style to your home décor.
Sliding Patio Door - Promenade Model, 3" Rails by Alside
Sliding Patio Door - Promenade Model, 3" Rails by Alside
Sliding Glass Patio Door - Promenade Model, 5" Rails by Alside
Sliding Glass Patio Door - Promenade Model, 5" Rails by Alside

Still curious about which patio door is right for your home? Contact the exterior home improvement specialists at Residential Renovations to learn more about our sliding patio door options and installation services. See how the right patio door can complement and enhance wood windows or other replacement windows for your home.

Based in Toledo, OH, we serve homeowners throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan and would be more than happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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